Friday, 24 July 2009

HE Scotland's Friday Round-Up (24/07/2009)

Notable stories appearing on the HE Scotland Twitter feed in the last seven days included...

In policy and funding news:
In student news:
In research news:
  • The University of Glasgow made a significant splash in the media by announcing news of researchers' findings about a girl with near perfect vision, despite having been born with just half a brain.
  • The University of Aberdeen's emeritus Professor, Hugh Pennington, was ubiquitous in commenting on the swine flu epidemic and, at the time of writing, had notched up some seventeen name checks on Twitter in just seven days.
  • There was news of two significant funding awards for the University of Dundee, which picked up £2m for its role leading a research consortium looking into off-grid electricity and was awarded a further £1.7m as the leader of a study looking into the delivery of drugs to treat cancer.
And finally,the nod for this week's best sector media release title goes to one of last week's joint winners, the University of Glasgow:
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